New pixelpost template: Superb

For some time now, I’ve been working on the Pixelpost template which I’m using for my own photoblog. Although it’s basicly a Pixelpost template, it isn’t 100% compatible with Pixelpost. Without getting to technical, it has to do with the fact that pixelpost displays every image on a unique page, while the template on my photoblog updates the image without opening a new page. This makes it possible to use the really cool slide left/right transitions the SuperBGImage jquery addon provides. So, while this nasty hack is working fine for me, it isn’t something I would like to share with the community since it will limit the way Pixelpost is intended to work.

However, leaving out the smooth transitions that the SuperBGImage jquery addon provides, it can still be used to scale fullscreen backgrounds. And this is exactly what the Superb template does. To see this template in action, try the demo at:

The Superb template will be available for download soon at the Pixelpost repository. I’m still waiting for approval.

Hope you’ll enjoy this one. If so, let me know! 🙂

Update: Superb template is now available for download at Pixelpost here.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello …nice template… trying it now on my site… is it possible to make it to display portrait orientations the correct way?

    Thanks…excellent work!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! Yep, portrait oriented images are a bit of a problem for this template. My workaround is pasting the portrait oriented image on a black landscape oriented background. For example, see this image.

  3. Roberuto says:

    nice template!
    now I’m editing for my photoblog!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Roberto, thanks for you comment. I took a look at your photo’s and they look amazing! I noticed some of your photo’s are quite big in file size. This can really slow down your site. Maybe you want to take a look at JPEGmini, so the get more portable. See this blog entry. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Niels,
    I have seen your work and I admire it, both your pictures and your photoblog. I am not good with computers myself but I have tried to combine several templates (among them this of yours) and other ideas I have seen in other webs for my photoblog. I still have some things to fix but I would gladly see if you like it:

  6. admin says:

    Hi Diego, thanks for your comment. I took a look at your webite. Your photos are looking great!

    Have fun,


  7. Hi, I’m Tommaso Rubino and write to you from Florence. I have just installed pixel post and saw your very beautiful template in the demo. Anyway I did not manage to install it, on the dedicated page in the pixelpost website there is very little instructions, and a reference to an addon page which seems to point to a “page not found”. Could you please provide some more detailed instructions if it does not take you too much time?

  8. Dean says:

    Great looking template! Two suggestions…. first as stated above, the portrait orientation needs to be sorted out but that is an inherent problem with portraits and full-sized background displays and not “your” fault. Maybe automatically place the portrait on a black/gray landscape as suggested above.

    Second, it would be very useful to have a categories and/or tags function on the Browse page just so we wouldn’t have a haystack from which to find our needle of a photo.

    Thanks for your work!

  9. Jay says:

    Hi, I’m Jay from Rome. Yesterday I was updating a friend’s website and as I saw your template I fell in love with it. Is amazing, but I have a problem, that maybe you can help me fix it.
    As I upload a picture the everything is ok, but the fullscreen picture seems like zoomed (bigger).
    It’s a linux host and all the update has been done with Imac.
    I really hope you can help me.
    Best Regards

  10. admin says:

    Hi Jay,

    Good to hear you like this template. You need to upload higher resolution photos, because they are shown full screen. The photo’s that I normally upload are 1800 pixels on the longest side. You might also want to check out my article about ‘jpegmini’, because high resolution images tend to get too large. I try to keep my images smaller than 500kb.

    Have fun,


  11. Hello, I want to integrate the addon “secret image” in your beautiful template “superb”.
    After several tries, I can not. I would also include a button to display the photo processing (pre-post) by passing the mouse cursor on it. Button which is at the level of menus.
    Could you help me please?

  12. Hello, I have a second question about your template. How do you do when you have a picture with a lot of comments? Example on your site here:
    The window feedback is expandable with a lift? This is a problem. Do you have a solution?
    Sorry to ask all these questions but your template deserves attention, she is beautiful !
    Thank you very much,

  13. Dave says:


    nice looking template, however there are 2 issues that doesn’t allow me to use it.
    First, as mentioned in here few times, to place portrait oriented images, we need to do few more steps (to prepare images). Second, most important, when navigate between images, on Firefox (v10 on windows and Linux) it is really slow, also it could hag firefox, on others browser I didn’t noticed such a thing.

    Thanks for your work!

  14. Angelo says:

    I’m trying to customize your template that is beautiful (… congratulations!). I understand how you make the zoom effect on the thumbnails on the page “browse”. Is a plugin or what?
    Thank you if you want to help me.

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